About Xera
Xera is a social commerce website. Shop highly rated, discounted products online, connect with local people, businesses and see what’s happening in your city or town.

Xera is a community driven e-platform that combines social and commerce activities. The main idea of Xera is to allow people with similar interest to congregate, and to earn money sharing things that are relevant. Income generation and membership growth is designed to flow through members. Xera is not a network marketing business or an investment program.

Xera’s goal is to return 80% of its revenue back to its member community. Members can earn on Xera through a variety of different activities. Some of these activities include:

Posting (blogs, chats, photos, videos, status updates), referring, commenting and reading posts. This function is called Xsocial. Also, you can earn by taking up leadership positions. Xera engages all its member using our own brand of social engagement tools. Our social engagement focuses more on local content. Xera connects you to local happenings in your locality by streaming relevant feeds on your wall. We generate advertising revenue from the social engagement modules.

Xera has a function that allows you to trade products with your Xera Network. This function is called the “Xmarket”. Xera gives local vendors and SMEs a platform to sell their products and services for a commission. Every sale or purchase done on Xera generates a commission which is shared real-time to the community and Xteam the transaction emanated from.

Xera is not a network marketing program or an investment program. Our referral program is designed to encourage teamwork and create stable residual income for all who participate. It is meant for the Professional verified users, though you can start FREE and work your account to the verified status from your active earnings.